So this is the 3rd time that I’ve made marshmallow fondant from scratch. There are so many positives about using it but a few negatives. Positives: its delicious and gluten-free and cheaper than regular fondant. Negatives: very laborious to make, it bubbles and doesn’t give me straight sides, it doesn’t mold, once you stick something to it - I’m commited, there’s no turning back. 

So that was one of the lessons for this cake. The other lesson…Rice crispy treats is really difficult to sculpt with. 

Lesson #3…do not add cotton candy until delivery. I added some cotton candy to decorate the cake and it disintegrated. It turned into a hard sugary mush. Since I have marshmallow fondant, I can’t fix it without tearing it. Uggghhhh!

Well our 5-yr old birthday girl should be pleased. She’s having a unicorn party and her favorite colors are pink, purple, and blue. Everything on the cake is edible. Chocolate unicorns, rice crispy unicorn head, lollipop horn, disco dust and edible glitter, and sixlets. Happy Birthday Emma!

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